StickyStoneStudio GmbH
Based in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Release date: Q4 2023




Blast robots to bits in this action rogue-lite shooter which focusses on satisfying gunplay and thousands of fun builds! Modify your weapon, find armor parts and try to survive the endless onslaught of hostile mechs!

The invention of artificial emotions has brought chaos and destruction over a civilization of sentient mechs. They became corrupted and split into hostile fractions that are each dedicated to a singular emotion. A small group of uncorrupted mechs take up arms to correct the mistakes of the past.
Head into the fray with guns blazing and discover a wide variety of firearms and enhance them with a never-ending supply of upgrades.
Can you survive this bullet-hell and restore the once thriving robot society?



  • Local Multiplayer with up to 4 Player
  • Steam Remote play together
  • Procedurally generated levels and items
  • Varying Classes, Weapons and Modifications
  • Limitless playstyles
  • Challenging gunplay against many enemies and bosses
  • Upgradeable hub area



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About StickStoneStudio

StickyStoneStudio is a young team of gamedevelopers, located in the heart of Freiburg, Germany. With a passion for modern technologies and creative gamedesign StickyStoneStudio develops interactive experiences for the devices of our time. In addition to in-house game productions the team also takes on services in the area of game and app development, as well as 3D visualization with Unity.


Philipp Degasper
Game Producer, Game Progamming, Game Design

Jan Hüls
Game Programming

Josias König
Game Design, Game Programming

Luca Lorenz

David del Rio Hecklau
Game Design, Story Writing, QA

Louis Ketterer
Game Audio

Samantha Eger
Concept Art

Florian Schuhmann
Game Programming

Leon Bonekamp
Game Art, Concept Art

Rebecca Ruh
Game Art, Concept Art

Stefan Loncar
Game Art

Ronni Bacallao
Game Art

Jona Ruder
Game Programming

Sophie Freis
Game Art, Concept Art

Maya Himmelsbach
Concept Art

Sarah Roehl
Game Art, Concept Art

Ylva Schütz
Story Writing

David Paul
Game Design

Nikolai Bartsch
Game Design, Game Programming

Visit us on social media

Visit us on social media